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Are your dates flexible?

Let us reward your organization with the Fort Garry's City State of Mind Corporate Rewards for hosting your event with us!

CSM Corporate Rewards memberships earn one point for every dollar you or your employees spend. The CSM Corporate Rewards points can then be redeemed towards future meeting room rental, food, beverages, and/or future stays. It is a simple and rewarding way for The Fort Garry Hotel to thank you for your loyalty.

Our CSM Corporate Rewards program has been designed for "Organizations" including companies, non-profit organizations, sports groups, as well as individual members.

How does our CSM corporate program translate into savings for your organization?

Consider the following examples:

  1. Company XYZ holds a conference utilizing Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Center services.  The conference is a combination of meetings and food events involving room rental fees and food and
    beverage expenditures. The final invoice reflects a cost of $25,000 (before third party fees, service charges, taxes & gratuities).
  2. Upon receipt of full payment, Company XYZ is awarded 25,000 CSM Corporate loyalty points for future use.
  3. At a future Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Center function by Company XYZ, these 25,000 loyalty points can be redeemed (20 loyalty points = $1) for a credit in the amount of $1,250 which will be deducted from the final invoice of your subsequent event.  A future cost savings of $1,250! 
  4. If Company XYZ wishes to utilize the point balance towards Fort Garry brunch or Ten Spa gift cards, points can be exchanged on a ratio of 40 points to a $1 credit.  If you spend $25,000 on an event, you would receive $625 in gift cards.  What a great way to treat employee and volunteers that assisted with your event!
  5. A program administrator will be appointed to handle all  communications and the awarding/redemption of loyalty points for your account.

CSMC Rewards provides the following benefits:

  • The CSM Corporate member Organization earns one loyalty point for every dollar spent (before taxes & gratuities) on Fort Garry Hotel services.  Points are awarded on paid in full invoices.
  • Points are awarded for all Fort Garry Hotel food and beverage services as well as for guest rooms (paid by the master account)
  • Third party charges do not qualify for loyalty points.
  • Discounted services do not quality for loyalty points.
  • Sponsored services do not quality for loyalty points.
  • Specialty packaged services do not qualify for loyalty points.
  • Points earned are eligible for redemption on a future event. Points cannot be redeemed for the same event.
  • For Fort Garry Hotel functions, 20 loyalty points equal a $1 credit towards the final invoice of a future event or function that includes food and beverage services and guest rooms, if applicable.
  • CSM Corporate loyalty points can also be used towards Ten Spa Services and Products in which case points can be exchanged on a ratio of 40 points to a $1 credit to be used towards Fort Garry Hotel brunch.
  • CSM Corporate loyalty points must be used within two years by your organization and are not transferable
  • Program applies to catered events only

Products and services must be supported with with a paid in full receipt and includes:

  • Guest room stays (paid by the master account)
  • Catered Food charges
  • Room Rental Fees

Program exclusions include:

  • All alcoholic beverages billed at cost via corkage bars
  • Taxes and Gratuities
  • Third party products/services including but not limited to audio visual, SOCAN and RE Sound fees
  • "Contra" or in-kind and promotional/complimentary products/services
  • Promotional gift certificates and gift cards
  • Discounted and sponsored dinners and events
  • Other restrictions apply

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