A Stroll in the Snow


With a thriving city center and a population of over six hundred thousand, Winnipeg is constantly abuzz with all the bustle and excitement you’d expect from a capital city. But that’s not all it has to offer. In addition to shopping, culture, and nightlife, Winnipeg also promises a tranquil getaway in Kings Park, perfect for recreation, relaxation, and reflection. Located just twenty minutes from the Fort Garry Hotel, Kings Park is a charming oasis on the south side of the city that features two baseball diamonds, a football and soccer field, extensive walking trails, and a dog park for your furry friends. You’ll also find a rock garden, a lake with waterfall, a labyrinth, and even a Chinese pagoda! The winter months are cold, but visitors tell us they are also some of the most beautiful in the park, where the serene expanse of snow offers the ideal setting for a sunny morning stroll.

Located at 198 Kings Dr, Winnipeg

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