Bavaria Meets Manitoba at the Annual Oktoberfest Celebration


Winnipeg’s annual Oktoberfest is an exciting event for locals and tourists alike, and the Hotel Fort Garry is the perfect place to stay during this festive time.

Located just a short distance from the heart of Oktoberfest celebrations, the Hotel Fort Garry offers comfortable and stylish accommodations for guests looking to experience all that this annual event has to offer.

The Oktoberfest festivities are held every year at the Red River Exhibition Park, just a short drive from the hotel. The event features a variety of traditional German activities and entertainment, including live music, dancing, and of course, delicious German food and beer.

One of the highlights of Oktoberfest is the beer tent, where guests can sample a variety of German brews and ciders. The atmosphere is lively and energetic, with everyone getting into the spirit of the event.

In addition to the beer tent, there are also a number of other activities to enjoy, such as carnival rides, games, and a variety of food vendors offering traditional German fare.

Whether you’re a fan of German culture or just looking for a fun and unique way to spend a weekend, Winnipeg’s Oktoberfest is not to be missed. And the Hotel Fort Garry is the perfect place to stay, offering comfortable and convenient accommodations right in the heart of the action.

So why wait? Book your stay at the Hotel Fort Garry today and experience all the fun and excitement of Winnipeg’s annual Oktoberfest!

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