The Return of our Signature Brunch Buffet


In the heart of Winnipeg, within the historic walls of the Fort Garry Hotel, a beloved tradition once flourished, transforming Sundays into something beyond the ordinary. Starting in 1994, the Fort Garry Hotel’s Sunday Brunch Buffet became a hallmark of luxury and celebration. It was a weekend event that turned your lazy Sunday into a lavish celebration of good food and good friends and family.


On typical Sundays, the air filled with the bustle of 400 guests, a number that increased to 800 on special occasion buffets like Easter and Mother’s Day. These occasions were hosted on the 7th floor, a place known for its gothic beauty and historic flavour, making the dining experience even more memorable. The essence of this brunch was in its ability to make every visitor feel part of the larger story of the Fort Garry Hotel.


The setting of the Sunday brunch buffet in the hotel’s lobby, capturing guests balancing their overloaded plates as they walked to the Provencher Room or Broadway Room, was the essence of indulgence.  It was a scene of rotisserie ham, roast beef, an assortment of pastries from croissants to bagels, alongside comforting omelets, cereals, and a mouthwatering fruit and cheese section.

The brunch offered not just meals but memories, encapsulated in the flavours of pickled vegetables, shrimp, eggs Benedict, and sweet petit fours and Nanaimo bars. The chocolate fountain and mimosas were symbols of a Sunday well spent, of moments etched in memory.


And then came the pandemic—a pause that ultimately sealed the chafing dishes of the Sunday Brunch Buffet. The absence of the brunch was deeply felt, not just in the quiet halls of the Fort Garry Hotel but in the hearts of those for whom it had become a part of life. It was a gap that spoke of missed celebrations, of Sundays that reminisced about chocolate fountains and regal feasts.


Today, as the Fort Garry Hotel proudly announces the return of its Signature Easter Brunch Buffet, there’s a palpable sense of excitement and nostalgia. This revival is a promise, a commitment to rekindle the time-honoured buffet that once defined holidays in Winnipeg.


We are thrilled to announce that this Easter, the brunch will once again be hosted on the 7th floor, inviting guests back to an event cherished by many. The return of the brunch is not merely a continuation of tradition; it is an opportunity to create new memories, to bring people together, and to enjoy the simple pleasure of comfort food inside the iconic Fort Garry Hotel—buffet style!


In this revival, we see the return of a dining experience that holds a special place in the heart of Winnipeg. As we look forward to the bustling atmosphere, the variety of dishes, and the lavish and elevated atmosphere that the Signature Brunch Buffet promises, we are reminded of the power of tradition to unite us, to create moments, of the happiness found in community, and of the simple pleasure that turns a meal into a memorable occasion. Welcome back to a tradition; welcome back to the table!

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