Celebrating Love at The Fort Garry Hotel: An Unparalleled Wedding Venue Experience


In the heart of Winnipeg stands the iconic Fort Garry Hotel, an architectural gem that seamlessly blends original details with refurbished touches. With over a century of history etched into its Victorian-style façade, it is the dream wedding venue. Recognized in Best in Winnipeg’s review of ‘Wedding Venues in Winnipeg: 12 Options for Your Special Day’, the Fort Garry Hotel is dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences. This commitment is evident in its elegance, impeccable service, and meticulous attention to detail.

Venue and Ambiance

The Fort Garry Hotel is brimming with history. The hotel’s grandeur and décor sets a quintessential stage for your special day. Situated in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, the hotel’s location not only offers convenience but an opportunity to intertwine your own story into the tapestry of the hotel’s collective history.

Food & Drink

Your wedding day dining experience will be nothing short of excellent. Our culinary team is dedicated to providing the freshest quality locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients for your wedding. A diverse menu guided by your taste preferences, ranging from appetizers to desserts ensures that your wedding feast reflects your personal taste. Special dietary accommodations are not an afterthought but a priority, ensuring every guest’s needs are met with care and creativity.

The hotel’s beverage services are designed to complement the exquisite dining experience. With a hassle-free corkage bar policy, an array of options including full corkage, wine, and beer services, and inclusive pricing aligned with Manitoba Liquor Mart prices.

Decor and Additional Wedding Venue Services

The Fort Garry Hotel understands that refinement and style are in the details. Comprehensive décor options, including chair covers, linens, and skirting for the head table, are at your request. Essentials like a dance floor, podium, microphone, and more are provided, ensuring that the focus remains on making your wedding event extraordinary.

Exclusive Wedding Event Inclusions

Your wedding venue should balance luxury and convenience so you can focus on the day at hand. Our exclusive inclusions consist of discounted ballroom rental, complimentary Wi-Fi, valet parking, and thoughtful considerations for the bridal party. Additionally, couples can enjoy the Romance Package. These are just a few of the exclusive inclusions designed to elevate your experience.

Wedding Venue Pricing and Policies

We understand the importance of wedding venue budgeting and our priority is to ensure that your wedding day is filled with laughter and joy. This priority is reflected in our straightforward and accommodating policies. With clear pricing information, flexible beverage pricing, and special rates for children, the hotel ensures a transparent and adaptable route to planning your wedding event.

Special Wedding Venue Features

The Fort Garry Hotel goes beyond traditional expectations, providing thoughtful, unique services like social prize donations, and stringent adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring your wedding event unfolds flawlessly. These features enhance not only the ease and convenience of your occasion but also demonstrate our unwavering commitment to excellence and social responsibility.

Every Moment is Cherished

As the accolade from Best in Winnipeg suggests, The Fort Garry Hotel is more than a wedding venue; it’s a place where every moment becomes a cherished memory. This comprehensive package, tailored to provide a luxurious, hassle-free, and personalized experience, promises to make your wedding not just memorable but truly extraordinary. Join us in celebrating love at The Fort Garry Hotel, where your visions are transformed into reality, creating a day as unique and beautiful as your love story.

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