The Forks: A Meeting Place for the Ages


With a population of just over 700,000, Winnipeg has always seemed to us to combine the best of big-city excitement with the coziness of a small town. Few spots in the city embody that perfect balance better than The Forks, a site whose eminence predates the founding of the city itself. First for aboriginal tribes, then European traders, settlers, riverboat crews, and railwaymen, and now, more than four million guests annually, The Forks has been this region’s “meeting place” for almost 6,000 years. Today, it is comprised of over 75 shops plus restaurants and cafes specializing in all manner of merchandise, from handmade jewelry to electronics, from boutique clothing to best-selling name brands, from fine wines and haute cuisine to burgers and soda. The Forks is also a vibrant center of entertainment and culture, with such popular attractions as the Manitoba Children’s Museum, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the Winnipeg Rail Museum, and dozens of buskers delighting crowds with their many talents. You won’t even need a car to get there, as The Forks is located just a short stroll from the Fort Garry Hotel.

Address: 259-393 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

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