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guitar near cup of coffee

Fools and Horses

Neighborhood cafes and coffeehouses are a great way to meet new, undiscovered artists as their careers began to bloom. Fools and Horses, a cafe serving espresso, craft beer, and simple fare, located on Broadway, just a seven minute walk from the Fort Gary, regularly hosts discussions, performances, and lectures from fledgling, local artists. In January, they will host D-Anne Kuby, a dancer and former administrator for British Columbia Chapter of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists. The focus of the evening is how to make art a more "inclusive and supportive environment." If you happen to be in town on January 11th, we highly recommend coming by. However, it's not all the Fools and Horses has to offer. Be sure to check out their events page. If nothing suits your tastes, we can assure you that the coffee there certainly will!

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