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Winnipeg Jazzes Up June

June in Winnipeg means that it’s once again time for the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival. This year’s event, which runs from June 15th through the 25th, promises “eleven days of witnessing legends, having our minds blown, spending late nights club-hopping, discovering new artists, and sweaty dance parties.” Dozens and dozens of renowned jazz ensembles will be playing across the city, meaning there’s something for every taste, including sizzling R&B, classic New Orleans brass, and even some Euro indie pop mixed in. For free outdoor music, check out the Old Market Square, just a quick cab ride from the Fort Garry Hotel. If you’re looking for something indoors, the Garrick Center is a popular, mid-size spot, though we tend to prefer the more intimate spaces of Winnipeg Free Press Café or King’s Head Pub. You can buy tickets to individual shows or opt for multi-tiered passes, depending on where you want to go and how much stamina you have.

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