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close up of hands picking blueberries

Berry Awesome Adventure

One of the virtues of the farmers market is dealing directly with the person who planted, picked, and packed your produce. Sometimes it’s even more satisfying when you do the picking yourself.  We’re imagining a long drive into the country, working (but not too hard!) under the summer sun, and then satisfying your sweet tooth the old-fashioned way:  eating your handpicked berries.

There are several farms within driving distance of The Fort Gary Hotel where you can do just that.  One farm we highly recommend is Berry Awesome Farms in High Bluff Manitoba, about one hour west.  A closer farm, about forty minutes north, is Boonstra Farms.  These farms offer other seasonal produce if you’d like to add some veggies.  And, of course, if you prefer for ready to eat, without the picking, they offer pre-picked baskets as well.

Summer’s almost over.  Be sure to call ahead so that all the good ones aren’t gone by the time you get there.

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